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Art Festivals and the European Public Culture
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The EURO-FESTIVAL project is a study of artistic festivals as sites of trans-national identification and democratic debate.

Festivals are an important expression of aesthetic public culture:

  • Festivals are spaces and times of concentrated debate and social effervescence. In recent times, moreover, these debates are about issues of representativity (gender, ethnic, age-groups), hence relevant about what constitutes access to creativity.
  • Festivals are particularly interesting examples of those sites in society where the performance dimension of culture is emphasized.
  • Finally, festivals are about hybridization, cross-fertilization and mutual borrowing, hence particularly good examples of the ways in which local cultures get expressed using other cultures.

The present Website will inform you about the project’s activities and research in addition to providing fascinating insight into festival culture and creativity.


This project is funded by the European Commission
Seventh Framework Programme
Seventh Framework Programme



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